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SCC Considers Fine Increase for Excavator Violations - RAMCA Resists!

The State Corporaon Commission (which oversees enforcement of the Virginia's underground damage prevention laws) and at least one large gas company are interested in pursuing increases in civil penalties currently assessed against excavators for cutting or damaging underground utility lines in the hope that doing so will further reduce damages, particularly those caused by repeat and egregious offenders. The SCC is particularly concerned about gas damages associated with horizontal directional drilling and RAMCA shares those concerns, but RAMCA staff has informed the SCC that excavators are currently not in favor of such an approach and suggested that the SCC meet with all stakeholders to explore the current options for enforcement as well as discuss expanding those options to include new ways to address the problems created by these few bad actors. Efforts are ongoing to reach some consensus about how to proceed and RAMCA will keep the membership informed as this matter evolves.

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Saturday, 04 February 2023

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