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Goochland Career & Technical Education Update

We could almost write a weekly update with all the exciting news out of our partners at the Goochland CTE! RAMCA has partici-pated in the 1st quarter of 2018 in the CTE Advisory Council, the Career Fair with over 600 middle/high school aged students (RAMCA companies were 14 of 75 represented!), Business Roundtable with community leaders, and serving as student mentors. Several seniors in the Heavy Equipment Operator program have already been hired by RAMCA companies upon graduation.

Goochland recently announced the expansion of their 2 year Heavy Equipment Operator program into a 4-year Academy for Architecture and Construction. Since the below proposed course sequence, Goochland announced they will include Diesel Mechanics classes. They are also expanding to take students from Powhatan, and there is a wait-list for this program. Several RAMCA member companies have been instrumental in helping Goochland to develop these programs for which the administration is extremely grateful! Our continued partnership will help to create that pipeline of qualified employees all our members seek.

Goochland's CTE Academies allow students to experience high school education focused around specific career fields in aGoochland's CTE Academies allow students to experience high school education focused around specific career fields in ahands-on, problem-based learning environment. In each Academy, students learn alongside peers with similar careerinterests by taking core academic classes infused with authentic, Academy-specific application, along with specialized CTEcourses. Students will hove the opportunity toward the conclusion of each Academy to participate in a field-basedinternship or capstone apprenticeship. Goochland High School's CTE Academies allow students to exceed graduationrequirements, all the while preparing them for success after high school: work, college, oil that lies ahead.

Program Considerations/Requirements

Students in the AAC will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn and apply architectural and construction skills in the math and science classroom
  • Gain leadership, entrepreneurship, and business ethics skills
  • Benefit from priority scheduling for CTE courses
  • Develop peer-to-peer relationships through a cohort model
  • Acquire multiple industry certifications
  • Spend a portion of their senior year working in the industry while earning high school credit
  • Earn an Academy cord of distinction upon graduation

Proposed Course Sequence

proposed course sequence

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Goochland Career & Technical Education Career Fair...


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Friday, 08 December 2023

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