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RAMCA’s happy to introduce the first-ever RAMCA Cup! The RAMCA Cup is a year-long competition amongst all RAMCA Members- Contractors & Associates- to award the most-outstanding member company.

What does this mean? Your company has the opportunity to prove that y’all are the Ultimate RAMCA Member Company. And of course, you’ll be awarded with a trophy to keep in your office for a year. Along with the bragging rights and shiny trophy, you’re company will also be awarded 50% off membership dues in 2025.

Points will be given to each company throughout the year based on the following 6 factors:

1.) Attendance (points will be per company, not per-attendee, to keep it fair for smaller companies)

2.) Winning Event Challenges – for example, placing in a golf tournament, donating the most lbs of food at the annual Holiday Food Drive, having the highest team score at Sporting Clay Day

3.) Year-Long Club Sponsorship -  i.e. Diamond, Platinum, or Gold Club (points will not be awarded for regular event sponsorships in order to keep this fair for companies of all sizes & budgets)

4.) Company Social Media Engagement – your company reposting RAMCA, adding RAMCA to your company’s story, or tagging RAMCA in a company social media post. (likes, follows, & comments don’t get points)

5.) Bringing a Potential New RAMCA Member to an event - (to redeem points for this, you must make note of it in your registration)

6.) New member Referral – i.e. a new member signs up to be a RAMCA member because of your referral (to redeem points for this, please have the new member mention you referred them when they sign up)

Each factor is weighted differently. For example, you get more points for a new member referral than for being a year-long sponsor. Attendance and event challenges are weighted differently as well. For example, you get more points for attending Legislator’s Day (a less heavily attended event) v.s. a golf Tournament (an event that’s always sold out).

The RAMCA Cup is chaired by the Social Committee, and the point system was created by them. Since this is our first-ever RAMCA Cup, they are open to hearing anything members see unfair and reserve the right to make any adjustments that will increase fairness to members.

So, which company is going to be the first to get their name on a RAMCA Cup?


Point System: