April 2016

April 2016

Calendar of Events

  • April 27th—Legislator’s Night, VA War Memorial
  • May 12th—George Bickerstaff Memorial Golf Outing, Brickshire Golf Club
  • June 16th—Networking Social—Location TBD
  • August 4th—RAMCA Bowling Tournament—Location TBD
  • September 8th— Jack Bargamin Golf Outing, Mattaponi Springs Golf Club
  • October 20th —Dinner Meeting, Short Pump Hilton
  • November 17th—Annual Meeting, Short Pump Hilton

Fall 2015

November 2015

Calendar of Events

  • March 24th—Dinner Meeting, Short Pump Hilton
  • April 27th—Legislator’s Night, VA War Memorial
  • May 10th—George Bickerstaff Memorial Golf Outing, The Club at Viniterra
  • September 8th— Jack Bargamin Golf Outing, Mattaponi Springs Golf Club
  • October 30th —Dinner Meeting, Short Pump Hilton
  • November 17th—Annual Meeting, Short Pump Hilton

Spring 2015

May 2015

Calendar of Events

  • May 14th George Bickerstaff Memorial Golf Outing, The Club at Viniterra
  • July 30th RAMCA Family Night at the Flying Squirrels
  • September 10th Jack Bargamin Golf Outing, Mattaponi Springs Golf Club
  • October 15th Dinner Meeting, Short Pump Hilton
  • November 14th RAMCA’s 50th Anniversary Gala, Country Club of Virginia

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October 2014

Calendar of Events

  • November 13th—Annual Meeting—Short Pump Hilton. 
  • January 31st, 2015 - Safety Workshop
  • March 19th, 2015-Dinner Meeting - Short Pump Hilton
  • April 29th, 2015—Legislator’s Night & Installation of Offic-ers—VA War Me-morial 
  • May 14th, 2015 -George Bickerstaff Memorial Golf Out-ing—The Club at Viniterra

Inside This Issue

  • CC/Road Project Delays
  • Secondary Roads/Chesterfield fees
  • DOT chart/Flying Squirrels Night
  • RAMCA Golf
  • Procurement Study & Stormwater Mgmt
  • Safety Mtg & VDOT Portal
  • Workers’ Comp
  • Members in the News/Excavator Online Training
  • In Memoriam
  • Platinum 2014 Sponsors
  • RAMCA Board

April 2014

April 2014

Calendar of Events

  • April 30th Legislator’s Night & Installation of Officers— VA War Memorial
  • June 26th George Bickerstaff Memorial Golf Outing—The Club at Viniterra
  • September 11th Jack Bargamin Memorial Golf Tournament— Mattaponi Springs Golf Club
  • October 16th Dinner Meeting— Short Pump Hilton
  • November 13th Annual Meeting— Short Pump Hilton

Inside This Issue:

  • General Assembly Adjourns
  • RAMCA Golf
  • Legislator’s/ Installation Night
  • Safety Meeting
  • Experience Rate Modifier
  • Sec of Trans/New Members
  • Henrico/SCC/ March Meeting
  • RAMCA Sponsorships
  • RAMCA Board

August 2013

Calendar of Events:

  • September 12th Jack Bargamin Memorial Golf Event at Mattaponi Springs Golf Course
  • October 10th General Membership Dinner Meeting at the Short Pump Hilton
  • November 14th Annual Meeting at the Short Pump Hilton.

Inside This Issue:

  • Road Funds
  • Scholarship
  • Spring golf
  • Workers' Comp
  • City of Petersburg
  • Digging to China
  • RAMCA Board
  • SCC and Membership

March 2013

  • 2013 General Assembly
  • RAMCA Meets with Henrico DPU
  • Petersburg Proposes Right of Way Changes
  • RAMCA Conducts First Aid / CPR Program
  • SCC Damage Prevention Conference
  • VA & Federal Labor Law Poster and OSHA Report
  • Annual Meeting Reports and New Board
  • VDOT Signs MOU with OSHA
  • Area Construction Permit Volume A Mixed Bag
  • Save the Date
  • Member Re-appointed to SCC Advisory Board
  • Overweight / Oversized Permiting Fees
  • Member News
  • RAMCA Board

October 2012

  • Certificate of Insurance Legislation Now Law
  • New Legislator Business Ratings and Summary of Last Session’s Ac??ons on Transportation Funding
  • Hanover Announces Changes to Utility Construction Standards
  • Update on Mechanic’s Lien Law
  • Henrico / RAMCA Coordinate List of Maintenance Contractors for Storm Water Management Work
  • Healthcare Requirements Dissected
  • Bad Roads, What They Really Cost
  • Henrico Conducts Trench Rescue Exercises
  • Dates to Remember
  • Oversize / Overweight New Fees and Regs Soon to Become Effective
  • Virginia Drops from #1 to #3 Top State for Business Due to Lack of Progress in Transportation
  • In Memoriam
  • Members in the News
  • RAMCA Golf Outings
  • RAMCA Board

May 2012

- VDOT Planning Paving Contracts in Richmond - RAMCA Hosts Legislator’s Night and Installs New Officers - FCC Kills Wireless Network 3 Dates to Remember - Transportation Funding Still Stalled - Underground Damage Prevention Conference Held - Final Language on Abandoned Lines Approved - Federal Prism Program Coming to Virginia - Cell Phones are Banned for Interstate Commercial Drivers - RAMCA Officers - RAMCA Conducts CPR / First Aid Training Session - Members in the News - RAMCA Gets Clarification on New Work Zone Requirements

January 2012

- RAMCA Announces VDOT Safety Training Program - No Pipe Saws on Asbestos Pipes - Henrico Updating Force Account Rate - Virginia General Assembly Convenes Jan. 11th. - Watch for Legislative Report - Dates to Remember - Conversations Continue with SCC re: Abandoned Line Issues - 2012 Board of Directors - Transportation Funding - New Report Indicates Richmond is Losing Construction Jobs - New Hanover Water / Sanitary Sewer Standards

November 2011

- Negotiations with SCC Continue on Abandoned Line Issue - RAMCA Golf Sponsors - RAMCA Golfers Enjoy Mattaponi - Dates to Remember - Welcome New Member - In Memoriam - Sandee Cosby - RAMCA Board Members - Virginia and Federal Labor Law Notices - New Excavator and Marking Standards Booklet - Overweight/Oversized Truck Study Makes Recommendations

July 2011

- RAMCA Golfers Enjoy Playing The Federal Club - RAMCA Golf Sponsors - RAMCA Participates in and Co-Sponsors Development Forum - Dates to Remember - CTB Adopts Six-Year Improvement Plan - Changes to the RAMCA Board of Directors - Members in the News - RAMCA/VUHCC Work with DMV Study Group on Truck Fees - RAMCA Set to Join Coalition Looking at Burdensome Regulations - Hanover County Seeks Input on New Water/Sewer Standards - In Memoriam

April 2011

- RAMCA Honors Board and President - General Assembly Passes Transportation Funding - RAMCA Hosts Safety Seminar - SCC Damage Prevention Conference - RAMCA Lends Support to "Fugitive Dust" Issue - RAMCA Officers - Chesterfield Disallows Large Diameter PVC Pipe

January 2011

- Lobbying Efforts - 2011 VA and Federal Labor Law Poster and OSHA Report - Conservations Continue with SCC - Dates to Remember - Governor Announces VDOT Audit Findings - Watch for Legislative Reports - RAMCA Officers - RAMCA to Meet with VDOT Officials - Drainage Systems - RAMCA to Meet with Chesterfield on Utility Specifications - Davis Bacon Rates Too High but Hard to Fix - DGS Debarment Policy for Failure to Meet SWaM Requirements - Sewer Lateral Legislation Now in Effect - RAMCA Elects New Board at Annual Meeting

September 2010

- Lobbying Efforts - Privatizing ABC Stores - Miss Utility - Dates to Remember - Members in the News - October RAMCA Meeting - RAMCA Officers - RAMCA Lunch and Learn - RAMCA Golf Outing - RAMCA Golf Winners

June 2010

- Update on VDOT Six Year Transportation Plan - President Appoints 2010-11 Committees - Legislators' Night Brought Members and Legislators Together - RAMCA Continues to Monitor Henrico DPU Changes - Pigeon Shoot Brings Out The Big Guns! - OSHA is Stepping Up Its Efforts - Be Warned - White Lining Back on the Burner - No Match Rule Ends, But ICE Audits Could Increase - Letter: Administrative Enhancements to OSHA's Penalty Policies

April 2010

- VA General Assembly Focused on Budget, Not Roads - Annual Reception Honors Collins, Hummel and Martin - Automated Routing Solution is Up and Running - Damage Prevention Conference Almost Here - State to Issue More Bonds, No New Projects - RAMCA Awards Scholarships - RAMCA Hosts Safety Seminars - 2010 Board of Directors Slate

January 2010

- General Assembly Convenes - RAMCA Already Working on Two Legislative Proposals - RAMCA Elects New Board of Directors - Stormwater Regulations Re-Considered - Annual Dues, PAC Invoices in the Mail - RAMCA Member Tells It Like It Is to Richmond Paper - But Not Everybody Gets It Right - Upcoming Events

October 2009

- VDOT Takes a Big Hit - McDonnell's Plan for Transportation Fix - Stormwater Regulations are Approved - Upcoming Events - VOSHA Backup Regulations Explained at October Meeting - RAMCA Meets with Henrico on Specifications - Overweight Truck Fees Studied - SCC Changes Miss Utility Credits - New Regulations for Oversized and Overweight Loads in Effect - Summer Golf

July 2009

- Truck Fees Being Studied - State Stormwater Regulations Create Worry - Henrico Updating Utility Standards - Legislator's Night - Backup Alarm Regulations - VA Legislators Ranked - Spring Golf Outing - In Memoriam - Jack Glazebrook - RAMCA Amenda Chesterfield's Specifications - VDOT Implosion Ongoing

April 2009

- Court Decides Tax Case - Recovery Act Allocations Announced - Clay Pigeon Shoot - Chesterfield Provides New Specifications - Legislators Get RAMCA Message - Legislative Report - Member Update - Work Zone Requirements Updated - Scholarships Announced

March 2009

- VDOT Announces Massive Cuts - Reality is Now Settling In - Stimulus Package a Band Aid - 2009 OSHA and Labor Law Postings - General Assembly Adjourns Amid Crisis - Damage Prevention Conference Scheduled - Sewer Lateral Negotiations Ongoing - 44th Installation of Officers - Members in the News - Hummel Appointed to SCC Committee

December 2008

RAMCA Negotiates Moratorium VOSHA High Voltage Act Clarification RAMCA Meets with Henrico Public Utilities Officials RAMCA Elects New Board of Directors Draper Aden Takes 1st Place at RAMCA Pigeon Shoot In Memoriam - Mr. Dave Ward Try Mediation 2009 Dues and PAC Invoices E-Mailed

September 2008

RAMCA Rodeo Cranks Up Henrico Rejects Recycled Concrete as Fill RAMCA Granted Expansion of Asphalt Indexing in Henrico October Meeting to Feature Operator Training Program Contractor Continuing Education Requirements Discussed RAMCA VP Testifies on Behalf of Industry at SCC Hearing RAMCA's Summer Golf Outing Rated Spectacular by Members Legal Seminar to Update Contractors on Federal Legislation Dominion Virginia Power Improves Mapping Access

July 2008

Special Transportation Session Stalls Overweight Truck Fees Could Increase Legislator's Night Wrap-Up RAMCA Golf Outing Results Spanish Dig with Care Offered Criminal Citing for Line Cuts SCC has New Policy Miss Utility Message Changing

May 2008

RAMCA's Efforts to Revise VOSHA Proposal Successful Lt. Governor Bill Bolling to Address RAMCA RAMCA (Equipment) Rodeo Taking Shape Transportation Funding Still in Limbo No Shots Fired at RAMCA Clay Pigeon Shoot!! Chesterfield Makes New Specs Available U. S. Attorney General Increases Fines for Illegals Members In The News Damage Prevention Conference Tackles Tough Issues Dates to Remember

March 2008

Banquet Honors David Ward General Assembly Adjourns, Transportation Plan in Tatters RAMCA Gets More Time on Safety Regulations Damage Prevention Conference Lt. Govenor to Speak at RAMCA Legislator's Night 2008-2009 Scholarships Awarded

January 2008

RAMCA Elects New Board Directory Updates Needed General Assembly Convenes 2008 Dues In The Mail Safety Programs Scheduled OSHA Report Due Traffic Control Training Increase in Reverse Safety Requirements? Damage Prevention Technology to Change Locator Issues Mediation, Try It

October 2007

October Meeting Draws Record Crowd RAMCA Meets with Chesterfield Utility Department Substance Abuse in the Workplace Seminar Another Great Golf Event Get Out and Vote Social Security NO MATCH Regs Now in Effect SCC Pilot Project Ends - Implementation Phase Next

August 2007

New OSHA Rules Extend Exposure Use Mediation to Resolve Disputes VA Road System Declines Abusive Drivers Fee vs. Gas Tax Increase Diesel Fuel, Vehicle Registration Costs Increase Chesterfield County Road Needs Unmet Minimum Wage Increase Dominion Upgrades Mapping New members Independence Golf Outing in September In Memorium - Madison Annon Shelton and Charlie Garrett

June 2007

RAMCA Negotiates Indexing Plan with Henrico RAMCA Honors Tech Fallen Ladies Night Enjoyed by All Scholarship Awarded Mark Singer Honored at SCC Conference Mediation Pilot Program Underway RAMCA Addresses Chesterfield Board of Supervisors

March 2007

RAMCA Celebrates 43rd Birthday General Assembly RAMCA Hosts First Aid-CPR Class Joint Cooperative Meeting with Henrico Damage Mediation Moving Forward VDOT Restating ESCCC Training VDOT Continues to Outsource Maintenance

November 2006

Special Transportation Session Yields Nothing Blanket Permit Interim Solution Reached Asphalt Indexing Moves RAMCA to Meet with HenricoOfficials RAMCA Continues to Push for ADR